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Full text of "Further Sources Of Vijayanagara History"

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0  «:n't I-'* be seated in places befitting their respective positions.
Me t,.ik:-d the J Y,^;-""/* whether the temples dedicated to  the
»-i.:.T ;.bt;iral :L uges fit £rirslgan:5 Sr!mnsi:am. Venkatacalam.
^:fli.rS:::a:u. T":3dri. N>an:i£aranyaiii.   Pnskaraksjetram,   and
'TLi'is'ik^riiii^::*;* ^rs   '-ell-protected.    They   replied,   '- On
L»:C>.:;:.r o: Y«;:r Majesty'* power,   the   officials   (mudrakarta)
f,: all the   temples  are  conducting  the   worship without  any
iL:k:<:i<ev; aivi the daily festivals are being celebrated proper-
lv in ail 10- Tirapatis."    Then the Aradhyas said that the 72
Sidvu tenjples including thone dedicated to the lingas of earth,
nt.ttT, iijliT, air a;:d  akwt.  vi;;..  Ekamranatha,  Jambunatha,
Aniuilciile^vavii, KalaliitstL-v^ra; Cidambaresvara,   as   well as
*;•.•.--1*: tLe IT; sakite* received thtir proper allowances; and
thut rh- daily :\^tiv«is were being celebrated regularly.    The
Irivi-who was greatly  plea&ed  to  hear this report presented
to thei^ ^aftix'T giving thereby the signal for  their  departure.
He then sent for Dhsnnasanam Dliarmayya, who  immediately
catne to hi;* preseuce, and said : " According to the commands
01 Your Majesty, the agraJiaras in  the  JLndhra  and Hoysana
countriesj in Morasunadj Melnad, Karnataka, Grhattasima, Cera,
Cora, Pandya, Magadha, and Malayala are flourishing without
any interruption.    The Brahmans who dwell therein are living
in happiness performing their daily rites : they are learned
in the four Tedas and the sis saslras ;  they perform the  five
^acriiices, and feed sumptuously the guests who  visit them/'
The Rayu favoured him with his attention.
The king next summoned the dalanayalcas (commanders)
to 1m presence. They came, and having stood before him,
submitted respectfully : "Protected by the great power of Your
Majesty, the arraTigemeiits for watch and ward (are quite effi-
cient) and the walls and gates (of forts) in all giri-durgas, sthala-
durws, jala-du*gas* aiid tana-durgas belonging to the king-
dom are well guarded : moreover, there is scarcely any tronble
the feudal chiefs/* Tien came Jangamayya, the talari of
K* nenti-ned in the text; Badarikafraaam is left out
\# of betel leaves^ and areca-nut paring! etc.